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Convenient Scenarios Using ROVs

Published / by Jim

Known as the Land of a Thousand Lakes, Finland is surrounded by water and has over 187,000 lakes.  Because of this, there is a huge use of underwater drones also known as ROVs.  ROV is also called Remotely Operated Vehicles. There are underwater robots that allow the controller to navigate and explore underwater without getting wet. The ROV is attached to the topside that looks like an umbilical cord that links to the main communications cables, energy source and information transfer. Usually ROVs have some sort of visual device, such as a camera to see underwater and some extra apparatuses depends to what type of ROV is being used during the exploration.


ROVs can be used in different cases. Now a day, there are so many threats to our safety. Lots of crimes going on and we cannot do nothing about it. This concerns especially to all hidden or discarded evidences under the water, traveling with unpermitted contrabands, mines and explosives place that can cause damage to the living creatures underwater and to the close area around the specific location. One thing can do the work, this is by the used of rovs to help with law enforcement for searching and looking for evidence or items that can help them solve the crime or mystery. The ROVs offer a safer view of all the threats and evidence that is hidden underwater. This is also a big help for our skilled divers for they usually put themselves in danger to ensure our safety.

About some infrastructures underwater, routine inspections are highly prioritized by the owners. To be able to detect and secure that all the materials below the water are perfectly in good conditions. The use of device for water tank inspection can avoid difficult and often dangerous involvement at times under the water. If a certain time comes that the infrastructures are damaged, rovs can repair the materials underwater. This is by the use of the other features of the ROVs. That is very handy for repairing structures under the water.

Facts On Finland

Published / by Jim

Finland is known as the Land of a Thousand Lakes but actually holds over 180,000 lakes.  That’s the most lakes of any other country in the world.  If you’re into islands, there are over 179,000 islands surrounding Finland.


Finland is also known to host many interesting events.  Some included are the Wife Carrying World Championships and the Air Guitar World Championships.

Finland is also the start of many technologies including the first Interest browser for users, Angry Birds, SMS, and Linux OS.  They’ve also invented the heart rate monitor and ice skates.  Pretty crafty!

Another great thing about Finland (especially for travelers) is that you can camp anywhere on the land for free.  You’re also allowed to swim and fish anywhere in Finland also for free.  Great news for tourists and travelers!